Pirate & Mermaid Birthday Party


We had so much fun creating these cupcakes for a Pirate & Mermaid Birthday Party!  The theme worked well because the party was for boy/girl twins. The party theme also works well for when boys & girls will be invited to the party. 

For the Pirate cupcakes, we made chocolate cupcakes with rich chocolate frosting. Kids love trinkets that they can keep so we ordered Pirate rings & Jewel rings as cupcake toppers. For the Pirate cupcakes we found Scooby-Doo graham cracker bones & chocolate coins at the local supermarket. 


For the Mermaid cupcakes we made traditional yellow cupcakes with ocean blue buttercream frosting. Swedish fish were used as the Mermaid tails, jelly beans as clamshell pearls & a Jewel ring for all our little mermaids to keep & wear. 

 Such a fun party, we hope you too will have fun with this theme.