Happy 17 Years!


17 years ago today, I said “I do” to Greg.  Our wedding day was a Fairy Tale.  A beautiful day celebrated with family and friends and surrounded by love.  Everything from the ceremony to the reception was as perfect as any Fairy Tale can be written.

But you see, the key to a successful marriage, I believe, is realizing that your wedding day is a fairy tale, but that doesn’t mean that everyday is a fairy tale and you automatically live “Happily Ever After.”  Your marriage is not a Fairy Tale filled with perfect days of “I Love You’s” or filled with perfect days of those butterflies in your stomach because you are just so in love.  The story of marriage is simply not found on the shelves of the Fiction section of the library.  Instead, marriage is an autobiography and a biography written by a bride and a groom in the non-fiction section.

A best friend, a partner, a husband, a Daddy…a groom has many roles to play in the story of a marriage.  The day you get married, your book starts with Chapter One that has 365 blank pages.  Each anniversary, you are given another chapter of 365 blank pages.  How you write those pages is up to the husband and wife.  There are a lot of days that the skies are so blue and the sun shines so bright and love is in the air.  There are a lot of days that love is perfect.  But there are days when the day seems stormy.  Love might seem like it is the hardest word to say.  Days when you argue.  There is health.  There is sickness.  That’s reality.  But how your chapter plays out is up to you.  How you write your autobiography/biography is a choice you make together.

Over the years, our chapters have been written to tell how we have bought 3 houses, had 3 children and have worked together in owning our own companies for many years.  Our story writes to tell about how we live, eat, breathe, work and sleep together.  We have been blessed with many things, but, we work at it.  We realize that just because we got married, life isn’t automatically “Happily Ever After” but “Together and Happy Ever After.”

So, as we celebrate 17 years and begin our next chapter, I start by writing I Love You, Greg.  I am thankful for everything we have.  I am thankful for the 3 wonderful children we have created.  I am thankful that we have each other.  I am thankful that we realize our own grass is green enough.  I am thankful that even when we disagree, we realize that we must say “I am sorry.”  I am thankful that we realize we must say “I Love You” each and every day because each day, each blank page, is a gift, a gift that we are not guaranteed to receive.

I look foward to writing many more chapters with you, Greg Suire.

Cheers to 17 years!!