Witch’s Brew


I love martini’s but don’t love martini glasses. I find martini glasses way to hard to balance…especially if you are standing around at a cocktail party…trying to talk, balancing a martini glass…(and for us girls we are usually trying to balance ourselves in our fancy high heel shoes)…it’s just not in my realm of talent.

So, I like to serve my martini’s in more of a glass…something way easier to balance. In the spirit of Halloween, we made these Witch’s Brew Martini’s…aka chocolate martini’s. To add a little extra festivities, we melted chocolate & piped a Witch’s hat inside the glass, then filled it with vodka, Kalua & milk & topped it with a black & white straw…

Happy Halloween,



Costumes for Cupcakes

It’s Halloween so why not dress up your cupcakes too?!

We had a little fun & dressed up these cupcakes like Mermaids. We used Swedish Fish as the mermaid tale, pink jelly beans as hidden treasures and a take home ring to make all the Little Mermaids Princess collection complete!!

I’m not Super Mommy

So…I’m not super women. Never said I was and I’m never going to be.

But, as a mother of 3 children, a wife to a husband who is in the baseball business and works long hours and lots of days including weekends, I don’t have any family nearby and I don’t have a full time staff…I could really use some super hero powers some days…ok, everyday.

But…I haven’t found any super powers yet.  I still only have 24 hours in my day and extra helping hands haven’t magically appeared when homework needs to be done, a 3 year old is running around, laundry is waiting, carpools need to be driven, lovely technogy is causing your phone to ring and beep with texts and emails from school teachers pleading for you to sign-up to volunteer, school papers need to be signed and of course…it’s time to be making dinner.

So…how do I find those super hero powers or those extra helping hands to give me a few minutes of sanity so I can accomplish a few motherly tasks??  Well, I found it’s called TV.

Oh, I know…there are tons of people wanting to jump at me and tell me how awful it is too put your kids in front of a TV. How your children don’t watch TV. Or how kids should be playing or reading and not watching TV. But you see, I’m not Super Mommy. And one little side note, my children take ballet, tennis lessons, play field hockey, go to Brownie meetings, play golf, are on swim team, are in school plays, etc…so, is a little TV and quiet time for the children so mommy can stay sane and not go crazy while cooking dinner really that harmful?
No, I don’t think it is. Now, here is the point to my post today. I realized that what to watch on the TV could be an issue. My children are 3, 8 & 12…clearly the 12 year old does not want to watch Doc McStuffins. I checked out Disney Channel and realized it was full of what I consider bad attitude. Little House on the Prairie was too hard to find and I thought about old school Brady Bunch but that didn’t seem to interest them. The History Channel animals scared the 3 year old. And I wasn’t going to start letting them each sit in separate rooms to watch different channels because then that was just more rooms to be straightened up, more pillows to re-fluff…yes, I am OCD. So, here was the deal I made with my children…they could choose to watch TV together in the playroom but I got to choose the channel. They choose TV. I choose The Food Network.
Yup, the Food Network. I started with Cupcake Wars because I love to bake cupcakes. They were instantly hooked. But then they discovered the Pioneer Women. They watched 1 30 min show a day. Well, it has really worked in my favor. All 3 children LOVE to watch the Pioneer Women…but more importantly, they now LOVE to help me cook. They have even come to me and asked if they could make certain recipes.
So, in the end, I am still not Super Mommy but now, meal time isn’t so crazy. I can give them each a job in the kitchen…whether it’s scrabbling eggs, sprinkling Fairy Powder…aka Cinnamon…, peeling carrots or setting the table for “our event” and I can sanely find an extra minute or 2 to sign school papers, help with homework and go thru school folders.
Thank you Pioneer Women for making me feel like Super Women.