With 3 children and a very busy schedule, making time for playdates seems to get harder and harder and the days and weeks just keep flying bye!  So when I do finally set aside the time to let my child(ren) have a playdate, I like to let them invite several friends at once.  I always like to have a craft or project for the children to do…usually a keepsake of some sort.  I also find that if I can have the children sitting at the kitchen table working on a project, I can still get some work done on my computer or maybe even start getting dinner ready yet I am readily available if they need assistance.  WIth bracelets all the rage, I figured what better idea than to have the girls make macrame bracelets…a simple knot that they caught on to quickly!!  Since the girls were coming over after school, I wanted a fun snack so I decided to do a doughnut tower…I keep a white cake plate from Pier One on hand at all times and it was the perfect base for the tower.  A few fun straws that I always keep on hand and there you have it…a fun playdate!!