Tennis Birthday Party



Hello Friends!  Today we bring you one of our favorite birthday parties we did…it was a Tennis Birthday Party for Hope’s 5th Birthday. Held at a local tennis club, I hired the instructors to give the children tennis lessons. Since Hope’s favorite color was pink, I ordered Pink Tennis Balls…which happened to have the word Hope on them! I am not a huge fan of candy so since the party was in August, I monogrammed visors for all the kids as their party favors and instead of dealing with initials, I decided to use the #5, since it was a 5th Birthday. I had drinks and food for the parents and the children…and of course a tennis themed cake! If monogramming is not an option, I have always seen cute hats in Target for a very reasonable price…like $2.99 or less. Although a plain hat is always a cute idea and can always be used, some other ideas are to hot glue some cute ribbon on the hat or get fabric markers and color a # or initial on the hat. We hope you LOVE this idea and can use it for one of your birthday parties.



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