Cooking with Friends & Reto


Happy Tuesday!!  I am always reading about the importance of getting children to help in the kitchen and letting them help with cooking, so when a friend suggested we get a few of our daughters together for a cooking class, I immediately hopped on board.  So this past Sunday we had Reto to the house for a cooking class.  He taught the girls (11 yrs old) all about knives and how to hold them as well as how to slice, dice and chop.  He taught them about food safety.  And he taught them how to make Chicken Piccata and homemade Crepes with Nutella and Bananas.  And I have to say, the Chicken Piccata was the best I have ever had!!  The girls literally made everything from scratch and after all their hard work, they sat down to have a meal together.  They had a great time learning to cook and enjoyed chatting with each other over a fabulous meal.  A great day of cooking with friends and a day they will remember for years to come.







Happy Cooking,



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