MK’s Art in the Park 3rd Birthday





Our youngest daughter, MK, recently turned 3 and wIth a November birthday and a wide range of ages in children who were attending, I took my chances and planned her party at the local park.  MK loves to color and she also loves Mickey Mouse so I wanted to incorporate those 2 themes, so I came up with Art in Elmwood Park.  My friend has an organization where she delivers children’s artwork to children globally to help inspire their imagination so I thought it would be fun to set up a coloring station and all the artwork would be donated to Crayons Matter.  My children all like to help plan their parties so MK went to work and helped design her invites.  I served mini hot dogs, smiley face fries, a few other kid friendly snacks and bottled water (because juice gets to sticky at the park.)  Years ago, when out first daughter was turning 4, I learned about “Drop and Go”…where moms drop their children off at the party and quickly run for the door so they can go enjoy 2 hours of freedom…I will never forget that over-whelming feeling of realizing that my sitter and I were in charge of 18 little 4 year olds…so I now serve wine at all my parties…haven’t had a parent (mom or dad) leave yet!!  So, I had wine and cheese for the adults and plenty of Mickey Mouse Cupcakes for everyone.  For the party favors, I wrapped up a Mickey Mouse coloring book…which I found at the Dollar Store…Crayons and a Mickey Mouse Cookie that I made.  For the older kids, I substituted a pad of drawing paper in place of the coloring book.  Art in The Park was a fun afternoon for everyone!!




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