Rainbow Cupcake Wars











IMG_4900For my daughter’s 11th birthday, she decided she wanted to have a Rainbow Cupcake Wars Birthday Party. When the girls arrived, we divided them into 2 teams, with each team having a Project Manager. The girls had to come up with a team name, come up with a theme & decided what type of cupcakes they would bake. Each team got to pick from the kitchen their baking supplies and what they wanted to use to decorate their cupcakes….following one rule: The Cupcakes had to have a Rainbow Theme. After baking and decorating, each Project Manager presented the cupcake display and explained the how & why behind their cupcake design. The winning team each received a Cupcake shaped cookie cutter. For party favors, the girls received Rainbow Loom Bracelets and Rainbow Hair Ties. A great time had by all…it was and Over the Rainbow event!

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