Birthday Fun

It’s hard to believe that one of my favorite birthday party themes was 3 years ago…The Princess-n-Pirate Party. I love this theme because there are so many options!!  All the boys received blue bandanas & eye patches & the girls received pink bandanas & tutu’s at the start of the party…I made them with tulle & incorporated pirate ribbon. I had a bounce house and a treasure hunt for the kids and served pirate themed food including Pirate Booty & Captain Crunch Trail Mix. I ordered pizza & I made cupcakes. The children got to keep their bandanas, eye patches & tutu’s and received a bag of Pirate Loot as the party favor…the boys had light up sword glow sticks, graham cracker “Bones”, chocolate coins & jelly beans…the girls received a rhine-stone studded hair bow, pink jelly beans, chocolate coins & graham cracker “bones.”
My daughter wanted cupcake toppers with the #5 but stay tuned tomorrow for another take on a Pirate themed cupcake idea.

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Rainbow Birthday Party










On this rainy day we thought we would feature one of our Rainbow Birthday party ideas…Since the party was in our backyard with a bounce house, I like to use sand buckets to serve the snacks in…Fruit Loops carried the rainbow color theme and white cheddar cheese puffs worked well in the colored buckets.  I found rainbow duct tape at Michael’s Craft store and used it on the water bottles and crazy straws in rainbow colors added a little fun and whimsy too!  We served pizza for dinner and then cupcakes topped with M&M’s…the perfect topping of rainbow colors!!  For the party favors, we followed the rainbow theme with crayons, rainbow colored goldfish, starburst, a light up bouncy ball and a “rainbow” loom bracelet.  A fun time had by all, we hope you can use some of these ideas to create your own Over the Rainbow Party.

After school snack

I “Mustache” you a question…did you have a good day at school? I love picking up random things at places like Target to keep on hand for fun after school snacks!  I found the straws and mustaches at Target and the cinnamon rolls can be made from scratch or you can cheat and use a can.  






With 3 children and a very busy schedule, making time for playdates seems to get harder and harder and the days and weeks just keep flying bye!  So when I do finally set aside the time to let my child(ren) have a playdate, I like to let them invite several friends at once.  I always like to have a craft or project for the children to do…usually a keepsake of some sort.  I also find that if I can have the children sitting at the kitchen table working on a project, I can still get some work done on my computer or maybe even start getting dinner ready yet I am readily available if they need assistance.  WIth bracelets all the rage, I figured what better idea than to have the girls make macrame bracelets…a simple knot that they caught on to quickly!!  Since the girls were coming over after school, I wanted a fun snack so I decided to do a doughnut tower…I keep a white cake plate from Pier One on hand at all times and it was the perfect base for the tower.  A few fun straws that I always keep on hand and there you have it…a fun playdate!!



Tennis Birthday Party



Hello Friends!  Today we bring you one of our favorite birthday parties we did…it was a Tennis Birthday Party for Hope’s 5th Birthday. Held at a local tennis club, I hired the instructors to give the children tennis lessons. Since Hope’s favorite color was pink, I ordered Pink Tennis Balls…which happened to have the word Hope on them! I am not a huge fan of candy so since the party was in August, I monogrammed visors for all the kids as their party favors and instead of dealing with initials, I decided to use the #5, since it was a 5th Birthday. I had drinks and food for the parents and the children…and of course a tennis themed cake! If monogramming is not an option, I have always seen cute hats in Target for a very reasonable price…like $2.99 or less. Although a plain hat is always a cute idea and can always be used, some other ideas are to hot glue some cute ribbon on the hat or get fabric markers and color a # or initial on the hat. We hope you LOVE this idea and can use it for one of your birthday parties.


Spring time


Spring is around the corner and we are baking up some fun treats.  If you need cookies or cupcakes for an upcoming event, we are here to help!  Just email us with your contact info and we will help get your baking done for your next event.



Fun After School Snack




Looking for a Fun after school snack? Try making a Cookie Pizza! We keep a made from scratch recipe on hand but you can also use a store bought roll of cookie dough. Just spread the dough on your pizza pan & bake as directed. One little piece of advice…don’t spread the dough all the way to the edge like we did in our picture because it will expand and bake…and drip…over the edge. When you spread your dough, leave about a 1/2 inch from the edge. Decorate with icing or just enjoy as is!!